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My Webcomics

Artifice (complete) – an 88-page sci-fi BL story which asks the question “What’s an evil corporation to do when its android assassin falls in love with the boy he was supposed to kill?”

It was listed as one of the Top 5 LGBT Graphic Novels of 2013 by The Advocate and was a Lambda Literary Award Finalist of 2014.

The Young Protectors ARC 1: “Engaging the Enemy” (complete) – This is the first arc of The Young Protectors. It’s a multi-chapter superhero comic with explosive action, sly comedy, tender romance and powerful drama that both women and men will enjoy.

The Young Protectors ARC 2: “Spooky Jones: Past Sins” (complete) – This is the second arc of The Young Protectors. Here, we learn a lot more about Spooky—both who he used to be as well as the powerful man he’s become.

The Young Protectors ARC 3: “Double-Cross” (currently updating Wednesdays and Saturdays) – the 3rd story arc of the The Young Protectors comic. Our heroes are back to doing what they do best: being superheroes.

The Young Protectors 18+ BONUS COMIC: “Legendary” (Patron-only, complete) – a short Patreon-exclusive arc of The Young Protectors. It explores the relationship between two fan-favorite characters from “Engaging the Enemy.”