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Is this where you update your comics?

No. This is a special site I created for long-time readers so they can read pages that I’ve unpublished from the main site (and their associated comments.)

You can read all my published comics, including the currently updating  Young Protectors webcomic here.

What can I read here?

Currently, you can read the censored version of Legendary that was originally published in 2017.

The Legendary comic contains explicit but tasteful sexual content, and the censored version has all the sexual panels blacked out, so all readers would be able to read its pages. I published this version concurrently with the uncensored, Patreon-only version so the general readership would be able to enjoy a Young Protectors story while our main linework artist, Adam DeKraker, took a break.

Where can I find the uncensored, Patreon-only version of Legendary?

$5+ Patrons can read the completely uncensored, 18+ version of Legendary here.

Once I finish Legendary Chapters 1 and 2, what should I read next?

Spooky Jones: Past Sins is the next comic and it immediately takes place after the end of Legendary Chapter 2.

Originally, Spooky Jones: Past Sins was called “Legendary Chapter 3,” but for the reasons mentioned below, I decided to make it into its own “standalone” comic with a summary of the Legendary chapters.

You can read Spooky Jones: Past Sins starting here.

Why did you decide to unpublish the censored version of Legendary from the main site?

I removed those pages because I was getting emails and confusion from new readers. Unlike an experienced readers, I’ve found most new readers don’t bother to read my notes under the pages. So, I was getting questions and complaints about why the art style had changed so drastically from what they were seeing in “Engaging the Enemy.” And why the pages were suddenly full of blacked-out sections.

And then, of course, the bulk of my work is not explicit at all, so having a bunch of pages that felt like porn—blacked-out porn, no less—right after new readers finished the first arc of The Young Protectors was creating the wrong impression. It was a bad look. People who might love what followed wouldn’t actually continue with the story.

There are currently over 700 pages of The Young Protectors story. And it’s important that new readers have a good, clear experience so they (hopefully!) become long-time readers. So, I started working on making the flow of the main site more friendly to new readers.

That’s still a work-in-progress, but so far, I’ve cleaned up some menus, turned the SFW “Legendary: Chapter 3” into its own standalone comic called “Spooky Jones: Past Sins.” And I’ve unpublished the censored first two chapters of Legendary, and replaced them with this summary.

Why are you now posting those pages here?

Originally, I had figured that since long-time readers had already read those pages well over a year ago, that they wouldn’t be missed. But I received a few concerns from readers about this, and since it’s clear there is interest, I decided to make those blacked-out pages available again for long-time readers on this site, since they already understand that Adam had requested a break so I was doing something very different with Legendary. And by hosting those original censored chapters on a different site, there shouldn’t be any confusion for new readers.

Comic Navigation

What’s the easiest way to navigate through the pages of this comic?

Well, you can of course use one of the Archive pages. But there are also a bunch of easy-to-remember keyboard commands that work on all the comic pages:

  • Left Arrow: Previous Page
  • Right Arrow: Next Page
  • Shift + Left Arrow: First Page
  • Shift + Right Arrow: Last Page
  • Shift + Down Arrow: Random Page


Will I be able to read the original comments that readers posted on these censored pages?

Yes. Disqus isn’t yet cooperating with me in transferring them over, but I’m working with their support to make that happen.

Will I be able to post new comments on these censored pages?

No. Once I’m able to get this Disqus thing figured out, I’ll be closing the comments on these pages.

This is just meant to be an archive site. Please post any comments on the main site. 🙂


So you say Patrons can read the uncensored version of Legendary. What is Patreon?

Patreon is a form of crowdfunding, like Kickstarter, that has changed my life. Support from readers like you on Patreon has allowed me to quit my day job and work on these comics full-time. That’s something I didn’t think I’d ever be able to do.

With Kickstarter, you try to raise a huge amount of money in a short period of time to finish a specific project (like printing a book), but Patreon is different. Patreon does involve a bunch of regular folks getting together to make something happen—that’s why it’s “crowdfunding”—but instead each person pledging $25 one time, Patrons agree to pledge, like, $5/month to support a creator’s ongoing work. Patreon accepts international currency, and Patrons can pledge any amount they like and they can stop and start anytime they like.

This has the huge benefit of giving me a predictable form of income every month. Thanks to the support of my readers I can honestly say I make my living as a writer now.

But there are also lots of benefits for being one of my Patrons.

What kind of benefits do I get for supporting you on Patreon?

In addition to being sent the regular updates a few minutes earlier than I post them here, all Patrons also get sent the thumbnail sketches, penciled pages, and script pages for each page. You get “back-stage” access to see how the pages come together, and inside information about what my intentions were for each page.

$5+ Patrons also get to read a page ahead of “Double-Cross” before anyone else.

All Patrons get access to a special series of short stories that I’m publishing that allow me to explore the characters’ backstory. These stories answer questions like “Where Did Spooky Jones Get His Cap?”, and “What Is It Like to Kiss Spooky Jones?” (And readers have really been digging those. Here are excerpts from the comments for that last short story: “Ohhhh myyyyyyyy! Now that was certainly a wonderful diversion, and makes me want to know EVERYTHING about all three characters!”, “Oh Alex. Words are escaping me right now. I haven’t enjoyed myself with written words like that in a long, long time. I could have read a thousand pages of that story in one sitting, food and water be damned!”, and “I’m SO glad I didn’t read that at work! I’m here at home fanning myself.”)

Patrons who pledge $5 or more get access to the Digital Rewards I created for The Young Protectors Kickstarter. These include special Full Monty rewards showing full frontal nudity of my adult characters, something that I don’t show on the site.

$5+ Patrons also get to see special Patreon-only pin-ups, where readers get to vote if they want to see full nudity. (Spoiler alert: they usually do.) And I’m getting the chance to work with some really exciting new artists. Here’s a Safe For Work sneak preview of the Full Monty The Annihilator pin-up that Rum-Locker painted:

The Annihilator Full Monty Pin-Up by Rum-Locker
The Annihilator Full Monty Pin-Up by Rum-Locker

There are a lot of other benefits too, including (spoiler-free) sneak previews of future art, voting rights about what the next pin-up should be about, free copies of my Kindle books, a special icon for your Disqus Avatar, and lots more. If you’re curious, you can watch my video over at my Patreon page.

Woah! You get, like, thousands of dollars a month with Patreon. Dude, you must be rich!

Alas, no. My artists are working professionals and I pay them a professional rate for their excellent work. The art costs for just the regular production pages of this webcomic are close to $3000/month. Also, remember that, Patreon fees + credit card fees take 10% right off the top. And, of course, there are taxes, just like for any other income. I can officially say I’m making my living as a writer, but the support just barely covers my living expenses here as a grown-up in the Bay Area who has grown-up responsibilities. It’s not enough for me to apply to savings or pay off the debt I incurred before I started the Patreon Page. (Not yet, anyway.)

But I certainly don’t want to minimize how awesome this amazing support is! I know full-well this level of support is truly extraordinary and I am deeply, deeply grateful for how generous our readers are. And that support has been truly life-changing. Last year, I really wasn’t sure I was going to be able to continue making comics. Now I can honestly say I make my living doing just that.

And, it is my hope that as the Patreon campaign grows, it will allow me start paying off the debt, and yes, even save some money. I don’t see making these comics as a hobby. I’m in this for the long haul—this is my career. And with the support of cool readers like you through awesome new services like Patreon, that now feels more realistic than ever.

This is a really great time to be an independent content creator. And I have the best readers in the world. I feel very grateful.

(For more of my thoughts on whether it’s ok for artists to actually make real money with their art, take a look at my article, “Shooting for the Stars.”)

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