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The Young Protectors: Legendary Chapter One—Page 17

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Spooky’s love is better than ice cream.

Uncensored (and extra-sexy!) version of this page available for $5+ Patrons here. 🙂

I am so grateful to y’all over at the Patreon page! We now have over 1350 Patrons—more than we’ve ever had before! Y’all are awesome! And, since we’re posting NSFW content in the main comic, I decided to post one of my favorite SFW paintings for this month’s Flashback Friday. It’s Commander’s Origin card art (from our Trading Card packs) where she’s saving a kid from a bully.  Here’s a sneak preview of the image:

Painted by Dutch artist Rudy Faber, I think his style does a great job capturing the kid-like vibe I was looking for with these Origin Cards. To my eyes, it almost has the feeling of an illustration from a children’s book. Anyway, $5+ Patrons can download the digital wallpaper immediately and $10+ Patrons will be sent the high-res version with over double the resolution on the 10th of November. If you like what you see, check it out. 🙂

So! Kyle learns a little something new about his best pal Spooky! But that also meant he’s brought up his buddy’s dark past. Will this kill the mood? Or are these guys only just getting started? And what exactly does Spooky taste like?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀